Kelly Keith, 16, Sophomore. Sugar is my only love, and I'm perfectly content with that.

Cassie was here and she loves Kelly very much. I don't even know why I was talking in third person, but, know that I love you Kelly. And never forget that. Forever and always, through everything, we'll be best friends. ~Cassie

Paras Journals Letters um nothing??

tbh i cant remember if i was taking cody christian or if that’s tevor

Oh my goodness I hate her with a passion tooo I cant

i can’t even tell you how much i hate her i’m partly jealous because she’s literally adorable and no person that horrible should be that cute but mostly i just fucking hate her wow she’s just no bad person terrible person

"acacia clark fc?"

um how about fucking nO

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family and bio writing do nOT mix

happy thanksgiving!! 

except for the people not in us, happy thursday!!

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guess what

i haven’t played candice in a year

it has literally been a year since i joined a roleplay as candice

this is a sad time my friends

*spits and growls at people messing with my otps*

whispers i have a silly rp bye

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